“One of the best instructors I’ve had in my life!”

“I love coming to class! Classes are awesome and fun!”

“I never thought martial arts were for me until I felt threatened and concerned for my safety. I wanted “self defense on steroids” and what I’ve gotten so far by taking Krav Maga classes is beyond my expectations!! The confidence gained and calories burned are SO worth it! I highly recommend it to all my friends!”

“As I keep telling everyone I know, if I had known how much I would love this type of class, I would have signed up a long time ago. The coaches do a fantastic job of accessing each individual student within a class and adapt the curriculum to meet each person’s level and ability. I enjoy the classes so much that I try to always make time for them every week.”

“I started coming here because i was bored and needed something that would fill my schedule and encourage me to be consistently fit, but it turns out I’m getting more than just a good workout. I’m actually being taught technique and practical skills that I’m confident in using in the real world. I’ve been going here for about 5 months now and since the beginning all the coaches have made each class a comfortable experience. It’s literally the best workout I’ve had.”

“Great training and exercise. Coach Johnson is very knowledgeable, assesses your fitness level and pushes just a little above that. Makes it a great workout and coach explains the reason for the mechanics and position of the holds/moves, which helps it all make sense. Great clean facility too!”


“This school thrives off it’s students. The owner and instructors come off the mat between every class to talk to the parents and other students. They are very involved with their students and know every single student by name right away!”

“I’m a lifer! The coaching staff are awesome and treat you like family. They push you to succeed and celebrate when you do. If you have any desire to be better, stronger, leaner, healthier, or if you just want a place to punch out your frustration, JOIN!!”

“I realized what I didn’t know and have started empowering myself with awesome skills, thanks!”

“What every woman should know, he explains situations, response moves in a way that is easy to understand and fun!”

“Very positive, upbeat and practical. You can learn a lot in a short amount of time”

“What a great blend of family and discipline! Coach Johnson and his team are awesome! Couldn’t have picked a better place for my kids and I to train.”

“What an amazing place to learn! I enjoy each and every class and look forward to my future growth.”

“Been training here for a year now, made some great friends, learned some cool techniques, and got back in better shape than I’ve been in years!”

“Great place with an excellent staff. I just joined with my daughter(7) and son (6). They look forward to the weekly classes already. I highly recommend In Your Corner in Santee.”



“This is a wonderful place, I have my 4 kids (9,7,7,5) coming here and they love it . We started with the summer camp thinking it would be something different with no intention to do TKD full time, and everyone fell in love with it, even my girly girls who had no desire to do martial arts. They really encourage my kids to do their best and stay confident while still maintaining the discipline of a martial art class. It is amazing to watch them progress, I couldn’t be happier with our experience here.”

“Awesomeness in a can. Coaches are great and very nice. Great all round for me and the kiddo.”

“Our 14 year old daughter started taking classes here a year ago. I cannot speak highly enough about the the instructors and what they have done for our daughter. She walks into a room with confidence and now knows she has the strength and skill to take on any situation. As parents of a beautiful, tall, and 100 pound young lady…we find comfort in the fact she could protect herself. We’re very proud of her and excited as she progresses through the next levels. In addition to great instructors the facilities are very nice and well maintained.”

“Awesome Martial Arts gym, very, very clean, absolutely beautiful, the instructor and coaches are very nice, and the instruction is awesome. Great place to train at.”

“We LOVE In Your Corner! Being a black belt myself, finding a school for our daughters after we moved to CA was tough! We tried a few places, found Mr. Johnson and knew right away this would be home! It’s like one big family!”

“Professional, nice, clean studio, and great coaches!!!! Luv it”

“The absolute best around. My daughter loves the classes and her instructors!”

“Since the first day my son stepped in In Your Corner, he felt confident that this was the place he wanted to be training to achieve Black Belt! Everyone is so positive but yet serious about teaching the proper techniques. Every week he looks forward to training.”

“The teachers are incredible, the facility is always clean and my son loves attending his classes. His attitude has greatly improved since starting and respect is a huge thing for our family. Love, love love In Your Corner!!!!”

“My 3 year old daughter loves going to class. The instructors are very patient and they know how to provide instructions while keeping it fun.”

“My 4 yr old son loves the time he spends there and his instructors. He enjoys showing off what he has learned and it is helping with his patience and focus. Thank you!”


“Very informative and energetic.  Useful information for every woman to have”

“Great guy, very passionate, he is teaching a program that could save lives.”

“Well worth the time and money, do it has it helps prepare you for real life situations!”

“I have never felt so confident and strong. I love these classes and learn things every class. Every class is different and I enjoy every minute. It is a great workout, and a great way to learn some practical defense!”

“We have the whole family in training here with the youngest in Taekwondo and the rest in Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The TKD is great for great for developing discipline, respect and self confidence in the kids. For older kids and adults the Krav Maga training is outstanding for real world self-defense training.”

“I started with Master Johnson in his new Krav Maga program about a month ago and absolutely love it! The combination of many different arts rolled into one, while getting a great… and I mean GREAT workout; leaves me wanting to come back for more. I am recommending this class to all my friends. Thanks Sir!”

“Great to have the elevator plus the red man plus the partnering defense information”

“Creative learning environment, enthusiastic instruction, emphasizes the mental aspect of safety”

“Amazing, I  feel empowered!”

“Honest, humble, good at what he does”

“Awesome and thorough, take it!!”

“Great instruction, great to be prepared”

“Humble, very informative, he knows what he is saying and doing”

“Do this program, it could save your life!”

“He’s funny! Great instructor, tells it like it is.”

“Amazing. Extremely knowledgeable.”

“Great with his communication and demonstration of techniques”

“Very charismatic and informative.”

“He truly knows his stuff and cares.”

“He is very professional.  He cares a lot about what he does and it is obvious.  He’s very personable and does a great job teaching.”

“This program is empowering”



“We have three kids attending the summer camp and all three really enjoy In Your Corner. After a day at camp they describe the fun activities, martial arts, and the new friends they have discovered. We initially decided to try Coach Johnson’s Summer Camp due to the boys having interest in martial arts. We were nervous about making a commitment with them being so young and the camp offered an introduction over summer. After a few weeks of seeing all the enthusiasm and smiles, the camp was the perfect introduction to a new adventure in martial arts, not just for the kids but likely the whole family. Thank you Master Johnson and team!”

“Bought the Groupon for our son and he loved camp so much that we signed him up for classes. Today was his first real class and he LOVED it!! I really like that in order to move up in belts the student must have a parent and teacher sign a form saying they are doing their work and handing in their work at school and respecting at home. I’ve never heard of that in any other karate school. We are really looking forward to seeing how far our son goes in this! It’s awesome to see him excited in more then minecraft, lol. Thank you Coach J for all of your hard work!!”

“I signed my daughter up for karate about a month ago and she loves it. I also signed myself and my mother up for Krav classes and really love that too. Master Johnson is a fantastic trainer. He’s very patient and has a great sense of humor, which makes the classes so much fun.”

“This is a wonderful place, I have my 4 kids (9,7,7,5) coming here and they love it . We started with the summer camp thinking it would be something different with no intention to do TKD full time, and everyone fell in love with it, even my girly girls who had no desire to do martial arts. They really encourage my kids to do their best and stay confident while still maintaining the discipline of a martial art class. It is amazing to watch them progress, I couldn’t be happier with our experience here.”

MORE TESTIMONIALS / Self-Defense training with Coach Johnson

“I’m a lifer! Absolutely love it. I am in law enforcement and I have to say this is the best close quarters combat training I’ve ever received. It is 100% applicable to LEO’s daily operations. I’ve used several techniques in recent encounters and they were extremely effective. The coaches and classmates are very friendly and it feels as though you join a Krav family when you walk through the door. This is highly recommended!!”

“This gym has great instructors and great workouts. I learn something new with every class I go to!”

“Amazing class this morning. Just don’t kick low. 2 weeks in and I have seen and felt a transformation. First workout in a long, long time that I look forward to. Everyone is energetic and supportive.”

“If you like learning new techniques, working your @$$ off, and having fun all at the same time, come here!”

“Going here is the best! Everyone feels like part of the family. The coaches know everyone by name, notice when you aren’t there and truly miss you, and most importantly, are constantly pushing you and encouraging you to work your hardest AND be proud of what you have accomplished at the end of a particularly tough class. I can’t imagine my week without my regular destress sessions now!”

“Awesomeness in a can. Coaches are great and very nice. Great all round for me and the kiddo.”

“I am now very confident and I feel less vulnerable and more powerful. This was a great experience.”

More prepared, less scared, confident. I feel better prepared for real life situations.  I want to tell others what I learned and would come again to learn more.”

“I really liked learning and practicing the techniques and my favorite part was the fake fight (red man) because I could apply the techniques and I liked dealing with the adrenaline rush. It feels good knowing I can defend myself.”

“Fun, interesting, enlightening, made me feel safe, made me want to try martial arts, satisfying.”

“It was great! I know some techniques and skills needed to defend myself.”

“Loved the talking, empowerment portion, talk on bullying”

“I learned a lot of useful stuff I can use in the future to help me be more safe, thanks!”

“He made the skills easy to learn but still fun and challenging. We learned lots of different defenses, not just one.”

“Everything was about defense (S.A.F.E.) not attacking”

“The class made me feel a little bit safer, especially if something bad happens”

I learned a lot of useful information and the demonstrations showed how the skills were not hard to perform.”

“I thought that the mentality of raising awareness, your life is worth it and your life is on the line is important! And I think that it is great men and women now can really benefit from these types of classes. Thank you.”

Accountability. Dedication. Determination. ARE YOU READY?